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In the eyes of the law a marriage is an equal partnership.

So, whether a spouse is responsible for running the household or earning family income, their contribution to the relationship is equally important.

As noted above, this is just a very general overview and laws will vary from one province/territory to another.He wrote laws on allowances in marriage and adoption, as well as laws concerning inheritances and supporting roles of parents.Penalties for these laws were not set, but were enforced by the head of the particular family.Hi, I’m a 17 years old guy and I accidently got my ex-girlfriend pregnant (if she is not lying).The problem is, we are not dating anymore and I cannot pay the child support.

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Property that was brought into your marriage is yours to keep, but any increases in the value of this property during the duration of marriage must be shared.” This theory is applied to most The Matrimonial home is the place where you and your spouse reside at the time of separation/divorce.

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